Queen Elizabeth Park – Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver’s gorgeous scenery, delicious food, and waterfront culture all make me want to return again and again. In this post and upcoming ones are some memories from last year’s travel.

Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

Flower bed at Queen Elizabeth Park

This lookout in Queen Elizabeth Park is the highest point in Vancouver, offering fabulous views of the park, the city, and Vancouver’s North Shore (check out those mountains).



Aerial view of Quarry Garden


A bit of Vancouver history and info on Quarry Garden

Bloedel Conservatory, in Queen Elizabeth Park, houses a tropical garden in a geodesic dome. This was a magical place for me because tons of birds flit around you, mostly unafraid. You’re handed a checklist when you enter so you can be on the lookout for the winged wonders.


Take note of Nelson, the dwarf macaw, and see if you can find him in the next photo!


Bird-feeding station inside Bloedel Conservatory. See Nelson?

The scan above is a portion of the checklist, which has 49 additional birds. With names like pin-tailed whydah and red-cheeked cordonbleu, the colorful cutie pies had me mesmerized. I spotted quite a few that day, including zebra finch, pekin robin, and orange-cheeked waxbill. The zebra finch is also at the feeder tray in the pic above, back turned to us.


Green-winged macaws, Carmen and Maria

At night I skimmed through a book on display where I was staying: National Geographic’s Where the Locals Go.

The next morning I took a bus to Beaucoup Bakery to fuel up for the day’s adventures.

Latte and pastries at Beaucoup Bakery, Vancouver

Latte, almond croissant, cardamom kouign-amman

I enjoyed chatting with locals waiting for the bakery to open so they could snag the almond croissants that sell out first.

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Pun-tastic British Columbia

Say aah

More like “ooh, aah!” at the creativity in this eco-friendly promo piece from a Dallas dentist at a company health fair. As you might expect, it contains items for your pearly whites, like a travel toothbrush and toothpaste.


Aaaaaand a pun-adorned tin of mints and tube of lip balm!

Bright paper scraps reborn as confetti fill the charming clamshell package made from recycled cardboard and paper.


Here’s a close-up of the fun puns in the box.


On breath freshener tin: You were mint to have fresh breath.
On chapstick tube: You da balm.

How cute is that?! 😀 An oral treat. Aural, too! Lure me in with wordplay and I’m at a floss for words. Totally enameled. It’s the tooth.

Screaming good puns

It’s Halloween! Dressing up and sugar-bingeing are the name of the game in the United States, with stores amping up the candy, costume, and prop action in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Check out the creativity around where I live.

The Crave Yard at Kroger

The Crave Yard at Kroger

See Ghoulty Pleasures tucked away on the side? 😀 And Brock Lee and Anne Chovey are among the dead because Sue Kroze kicked their ass?

Hyde and Eek Boutique at Target

Hyde and Eek Boutique at Target

Target doesn’t disappoint on the wordplay front, and this year is no eekception.

This last one I found in my quest for a third Halloween pun about an hour ago. It isn’t in the same vein as the other two, but it’s an uplifting message on the heels of Deepavali, the Indian Festival of Lights!

Glow Onward

Near Angelika Dallas

Have a boo-tiful evening!

Pun-tastic British Columbia

As the extremely lucky winner of a company prize (airfare to anywhere in North America), I chose to visit Vancouver and Victoria (on Vancouver Island) this summer. Fell in love. Not just with the beautiful landscape,


Deep Cove

and forest-bathing,


An evening hike on the wooded slopes of lower Mount Seymour

and beach-combing,

Jericho Beach

Jericho Beach


and kindness at every turn,

priority seating sign

but also with all of the wordplay I came across.

Check out this hand-drawn sign outside MeeT, a fully vegetarian restaurant with a punny name.

MeetRestaurant - Don't be melon-cauli

I did order the Sweet-Chili Cauliflower. Sooo good! And the Butter Chikkin on the waitress’s suggestion. Also yum.

Arbutus Coffee sign

Sign outside Arbutus Coffee

Even the compost sack has wordplay on it.

bag to earth compost sack

In Victoria, I saw quite a few puns while on the harbor cruise. No photos, though. Fear of dropping my phone in the water, ya know. So these are from memory:
A float home named L’Eau Rider — l’eau (pronounced low) is French for “the water”
A yacht called Verboten, a German word meaning “forbidden” and pronounced fer-boaten, so apt for a craft used for boatin’!
Bilinguals: twice the pun!

These morsels were an airport find.


With all of the double entendre around here, it’s hard not to be


Blue crane sighting


Engineering feats draw eye to sky on Flora Street, Dallas


A friendly wave in the Crow Museum courtyard, also on Flora Street

Lunchtime walks around the office offer a chance to stretch not only my legs but also my imagination. And I love feeling the midday sun on my skin. In my father’s words: “Free supply of Vitamin D from Lord Surya!”