Changing seasons

Whenever I feel envious of another’s travel adventures, I remind myself of how much there is to see right where I am. A patch of open sky is all I need to feel connected to nature. Oh, add one tree and I’m in bliss. Chances are a bird or two or a whole flock will perch on the tree at some point. Now we’re really talking… I’m thrilled at the view from my balcony because I have plenty of sky to look at, even with a ton of apartments all around. Plus, young oak trees line the sidewalks. And this March, a lot of birds came to visit.

View from my balcony

Spring 2007

Fall 2007

Winter 2007

Snow days (February 2010)

March 14, 2010 – oak trees with fresh new leaves and flocks of cedar waxwings sunning themselves!

Can’t deny I dream of walks in the Cotswolds. And eco adventures in Costa Rica. But here and now I’m perfectly happy with the view from my balcony.


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