Magnetic butterflies

Isn’t it exciting when you find a use for a product other than the one it was made for?

Enter Magnetic Page Clips!

Great as bookmarks (original use) and gift-wrap accents!

Page clips replace staples and paper clips, hold multiple pages, and are great as bookmarks.

Check out the butterfly set!

Magnetic page clips - butterfly set

The magic of a beautiful butterfly and two hardworking magnets!

Page clips make cute and colorful gift-wrap closures/accents, too!

A recent gift–two pretty soaps, a tin of tea and a couple bars of chocolate in a lime green sack with a green butterfly page clip–elicited squeals of delight before the gift was opened.

Gift sacks – Hallmark section of  my neighborhood Kroger
Butterfly page clips – Barnes & Noble (Clips made by Re-marks; read about Re-marks and check out their dog, cat and other very cool bookmarks!)

Have a new use for page clips that you’d like to share? Do leave a comment. Thank you!


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