snow-capped car
chirpless dawn
pressed leaf springs from old book


In my quest for an apartment, I checked out 11 communities within a 5-mile radius of work. I’d like to shorten my round-trip commute from 45 miles to 10 miles or less. My present apartment is a little gem–bright, quiet and close to Campion Trail. The future perch is also clean and bright, but it’s close to a major highway (that isn’t traffic going 80 mph–it’s the roar of a thundering river, I’ll tell myself).

A move is a great time to take inventory of  one’s possessions and purge, purge, purge. A move looks to the future. But the time before a move is all about the past. Hard to open a box and not get sidetracked by photos and letters from a decade ago. This five-pointed beauty turned up in one such unboxing.

I’ll leaf my present apartment with a heavy heart, but I’m sure to find  great re-leaf in the 4 mile round-trip commute at the new place.


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