Puns in the freezer section

Dear ice-cream loving pun-dit or pun-loving ice-cream fan! Is there a difference? Does it matter? 🙂 Either way, you’re in for a treat with Ben & Jerry’s.

Three of B&J’s many punny flavors.

Let’s get to know these pint-sized beauties, shall we? First in the line-up:

Cherry Garcia rocks!

According to Wikipedia, Ben & Jerry’s came out with this flavor in 1987. The B&J website calls it the most famous of their family of fan-suggested flavors.

And here’s the new kid on the (ice) block. Relatively speaking.

A post-l(a)unch palate pleaser.

The back of this package has more punny writing.

Check out the astronaut helmet on the cow! Hee!

Because of the angle of the shot, the punny description may have been hard to read. It says:

We’re not sure when marzipan captured our imagination, but after we captured the sweet almond stuff that marzipan’s made of and boldly froze it like nobody froze it before, we knew it would go whirls beyond our almond cookie nuts’ wildest fantasies.

So next time you’re cruising the ice cream galaxy exploring cool new swirls and amazing taste combinations, don’t forget the directions to the almond frontier!

If you’re undecided about Mission to Marzipan…it’s definitely worth clearing SPACE in your freezer to make room for it.

Craving caramel? This one’s sure to float your (love) boat:

A sensual treat-ise worth studying. Spoon away.

To work, this pun relies on the 2-syllable pronunciation of caramel (car-məl), with the r in “car” silent, Brit-style.


More to come! My research is ongoing and I plan on gathering more data pints.


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