Yogi Tea packaging – oh what a brew-tea-ful morning

A generous splash of milk and plenty of sugar turn the jewel-toned amber brew of PG Tips tea into carpe-diem nourishment. My mother thinks it has the best flavor of the black tea brands she’s tasted. I couldn’t agree more. That PG Tips is the number one tea in the UK, where teatime is sacrosanct, is further validation that we’re onto a winner.

My search for a caffeine-free alternative to PG Tips led me to Yogi Tea’s Chai Rooibos. It combines the red tea of South Africa with the spices used in chai. The package lists cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and clove buds.

Hints of a henna design on the package drew me to Yogi Tea.

The side of every Yogi Tea package features a yoga pose with instructions. Chai Rooibos shows Yoga for Sunny Energy, a quick and easy single-nostril breathing exercise.

The teabags come individually wrapped in beautiful peach-colored sachets.

Notice the easy-open notch in the top left corner of the sachet. Also, the screened back henna paisley pattern. In love even before the first sip.

The tags on the teabags have uplifting quotes. This one says: appreciate yourself and honor your soul.

Chai Rooibos tastes bright with warm cinnamon and ginger notes and cool cardamom and clove. The brew is a beautiful amber, the same as PG Tips–the photo above doesn’t do it justice. Served with milk and sugar, it looks like the real thing, but the woodsy rooibos dominates the flavor profile a little too much to make it a stand-in for traditional chai.

The makers of Yogi Tea didn’t stop with the outside of the package. Look!

They covered the entire inside of the package with intricate henna patterns. Why did they go to the trouble of making the inside beautiful, too? I think someone wanted to take this package from awesome to out of this world.

Yogi Tea packaging–wonderful in so many ways! Lovely henna design on the outside, easy-open sachet, yoga instructions on the side of the package, teabag tag quotes for gentle inspiration and more henna love on the inside.

Mehndi force be with you!


4 thoughts on “Yogi Tea packaging – oh what a brew-tea-ful morning

    1. Gita Mani Post author

      Thank you for popping in and for your wonderful comment! I’ll have to try Palanquin Masala Chai. My pleasure visiting your blog. Your cartoons are just my cup of tea!


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