Go green

Give an old bottle new life …


… with flowers that brighten your kitchen sink.

You’ll need:
An empty pump bottle (mine once held facial cleanser)
A strip of duct tape
A Sharpie or other permanent marker


All the materials you need for this easy project. Just add doodles, and you’re set.



















Stick a piece of duct tape on one side of your empty bottle. Draw on the tape with a Sharpie. I drew flowers 🙂 Fill bottle with dish soap, and ta-da! You have a new dish soap dispenser.


“Mistakes” add to the handmade charm. Still, if you’re not happy with the pattern, just peel off the tape, use a fresh piece, and doodle anew.


2 thoughts on “Go green

  1. Vijaya Gopal

    Lovely design and a very creative one too! You can make a book of designs and post it in your blog/print it. Gone Green:)


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