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Steel lace

Saw this structural marvel near my auto mechanic’s shop.

20151119_102143 - Copy

Filigreed symmetry. Engineered perfection.

What is it? What purpose does it serve? Please add a comment if you know.


Bear-y versatile

You’d think my friend would be confined by the 17-inch x 17-inch blankie he calls home. But look! He has many talents.

He writes the sweetest notes

sealed with a kiss

sealed with a kiss

He goes kayaking

for quiet time alone

for quiet time alone

He’s an expert at treading water.

sometimes, staying afloat takes a lot of effort.

sometimes, staying afloat takes a lot of effort.

I wish him well as he rides off on new adventures.

giddyup and godspeed!

Giddyup and Godspeed!


Come walk with me around Mission at La Villita. I’ve called it home for four years. May I introduce you to faces I’ve come to love?

button-nosed cutie out the living room window
chin in palm, she’s a thinker
neat little goatee on this dude
big fat tear on right cheek
check out the 5 o’ clock shadow on this hunk. actually, it was only 10am.
love her chandelier earrings … wonder where she got them

Here’s the cool thing … every eye in those beautiful faces is a bathroom skylight! But there’s total privacy and natural light in the bathroom.


home sweet home

La Villita, your lake is lovely...

... your views tranquil ...

... your skies breathtaking ...