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Cauliflower bouquets and other edible gifts

My sister once gave her friend two cauliflowers as an anniversary gift. Her vegetable vendor had left the stems attached to the heads, making for a bouquet-like appearance. A far cry from cloying perfumes and dust-magnet photo frames, those dense white cruciferous clouds and their aloo gobhi potential would’ve had me dancing for joy if I’d been the recipient.

Last month, a sweet co-worker gave me these local tomatoes, and basil from her garden.

Edible gift, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

You’re modest. You don’t need to be displayed on a shelf. But if you’re fresh basil from a co-worker’s garden, you’ll sit on the kitchen counter so I can revel in your green glory before you shine in a salad.

You encourage bonding. If you’re Kusmi Tea, you might be served up to loved ones at 3:30 on a lazy Sunday afternoon for a nice chat over chai.

You’re a minimalist’s delight. You don’t need to be boxed and carted around like pesky possessions that accumulate over the years. Your only hope is that you’ll be eaten and enjoyed. If you’re this pepper jelly, you play nicely with cream cheese on a cracker, or stirred into thinned-out peanut butter for an Asian-style dipping sauce.

You’re Zen. You’re a watermelon wedge one moment, pure energy the next. Your transience is your beauty.

In Stranger than Fiction, IRS agent Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) becomes smitten with quirky baker Ana Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhaal) whose store he must audit. Guess what he brings as a gift? Flours! Isn’t that sweet? And if he’d thought to include collie flours, she could’ve baked dog biscuits.


Magnetic butterflies

Isn’t it exciting when you find a use for a product other than the one it was made for?

Enter Magnetic Page Clips!

Great as bookmarks (original use) and gift-wrap accents!

Page clips replace staples and paper clips, hold multiple pages, and are great as bookmarks.

Check out the butterfly set!

Magnetic page clips - butterfly set

The magic of a beautiful butterfly and two hardworking magnets!

Page clips make cute and colorful gift-wrap closures/accents, too!

A recent gift–two pretty soaps, a tin of tea and a couple bars of chocolate in a lime green sack with a green butterfly page clip–elicited squeals of delight before the gift was opened.

Gift sacks – Hallmark section of  my neighborhood Kroger
Butterfly page clips – Barnes & Noble (Clips made by Re-marks; read about Re-marks and check out their dog, cat and other very cool bookmarks!)

Have a new use for page clips that you’d like to share? Do leave a comment. Thank you!