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The most punderful time of the year

Signs that wordplay is alive and well in Dallas!

Near Mockingbird Station, around Halloween:

Halloween sign near retail store: fab-boo-lous

No scar(e)city of puns. Dallas is well-equipped.

Near Trader Joe’s/Walnut Hill:

Walkens welcome

Locks to laugh about.

Christmas cheer around here:

Gnome for the holidays

Where to go for my wordplay addiction? The elf-help section.

Happy you here! Err … I mean, Happy New Year. Too much punch can do that, ya know!


Spring opening

Ten-stem bunch from Trader Joe’s. Cut ends. Place in water.
Next 48 hours:


March 24 @ 12:19 pm

Best buds hangin’ out in salsa jar


March 24 @ 12:24 pm

Well, hello yellow!


March 24 @ 4:24 pm

Look at you bloom, light up a room


March 25 @ 1:41 pm

Bud far left, rooting for you


March 25 @ 5:31 pm

Look how you’ve grown, holding your own


March 26 @ 11:18 am


Many happy returns

Wanna go with me to the library?

HarringtonTurkey1 - Copy

At Plano’s Harrington branch

From leaf cutouts and a sign with wordplay

HarringtonTurkey3 - Copy

On sign: *Thanks* for *giving* us your returns! Take a feather and tell us why you’re grateful this year. Put it in the box when you’re finished and look for it later on our turkey during the month of November.

to expressions of gratitude from patrons of all ages,

HarringtonTurkey2 - Copy

“I can come home to two things I love dearly. One human + one cat.”

this splash of creativity near the book drop (who’da thunk!) had me appreciating Plano’s fabulous libraries for the gazillionth time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your light

दिया टूटे तो है माटी
जले तो ये ज्योति बने
Diya toote to hai maati
Jale to ye jyoti bane

If a lamp breaks, it is clay.
If it burns, it is light.

Lines from Hindi song, काहे को रोये [Kahe ko roye]
Movie: Aradhana
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Music Director/Singer: SD Burman