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Aloe there!

Wanna have pun? You can, thanks to Trader Joe’s.


Didn’t find the pun? Look again! You will, I am sure. ūüėČ



Data pints

Now that summer’s over‚ÄĒsob‚ÄĒwhat better way to remain in denial than by indulging¬†in Ben and Jerry’s treats, all perfect¬†pairings¬†of dreamy dessert within and¬†double entendre without.

A quick survey of the Kroger freezer returned this three-item sample.



The best things in life are FREEzed.


Now that’s rich. Gets my vote.


Totally t(r)opical!

In puns in the freezer section,¬†I gushed over¬†Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, Mission to Marzipan, and Karamel Sutra and signed off with the promise of¬†additional data pints documenting the company’s¬†other puntastic delights.¬†It took me five years and change to make good on my promise, and¬†some might even say I’m not doing anyone any flavors. But if your day just got a tad bit sweeter and the punny¬†ice cream names made you smile, this data collection exercise was not entirely pintless.


Nothing says summer like watermelons! This beauty passed the thump test and came home.


Can you find the puns on the label?

I see a verbal pun (the brand name is What-A-Melon) and a visual pun (the ‘A’ in What-A-Melon is a point in the star on this fruit from the Lone Star State). Puns on produce—sweeeeet!

Amazing Grass, how sweet the sound

of wordplay in a brand name.


Of the many brands that have fun with words,¬†OPI¬†(Don’t Talk Bach To Me, Unfor-greta-bly Blue,¬†Danke-Shiny Red¬†and other shades in the Germany Collection)¬†and ModCloth¬†(Finance and Dandy wallet, Don’t Worry, Be Strappy wedge,¬†Rolling in the Steep teapot) come happily to mind.

And when “serious” brands show a sense of humor, we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise, than when we first saw pun.


The capped Z heralds the “zing” in¬†Amazing Grass! No accident, I’m sure.

Products with punny names

Bochox from Bloomsberry Chocolate
A stunning blend of deliciousness and humor.

Packaged like a pharmaceutical, this bar of chocolate is the perfect punacea for cocoa-heads in need of treatment. Click to enlarge and read the copy. If laughter is the best medicine, you’re in for a heady dose.

Thank U Berry Munch – Girl Scout Cookies

I’d pick Elvis to advertise these cookies. He’d say: Thank you. Thank u berry munch!

Reinventing the Heel from Origins
This foot cream wears a smile even as it goes about its somewhat serious business of restoration and repair.

Good for the sole.

Hope you enjoyed that trio of punny delights. If you laughed as you read their names, yay! And if you groaned, even better, because everybody knows it takes a groan-up to properly appreciate a pun.