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Equinox at my door

Today (March 20th) marks the first day of spring this year. I got to White Rock Lake 15 minutes before sunrise to listen to birds greet the day. And was I in for a treat! I took short walks along Lawther Drive, parking in the small lots around the lake.

dawn sky over White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas

Dawn sky over White Rock Lake

I saw coots and mallards and wood ducks on the water. The male wood duck sports an aerodynamic helmet. Such authority. So cute.

Dawn at Whiterock Lake Dallas

I call this the chandelier tree.

My eyes were on the waterfowl, but chirps rained on me from the trees.

A red-winged blackbird drew me into a reed patch with its trill. No pictures of the RWB,  but got a quick shot of two racing shells. Sidebar (book suggestion): The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. Great read!

Racing shells on Whiterock Lake, Dallas

And then I heard honking in the sky. The unmistakable call of Canada geese! I looked up and sure enough, a pair!


See the two specks in the clouds about a third of the way up from the bottom and more than a third of the way in from the left? Canada geese.

I was definitely hoping I’d see Canada geese, but I wasn’t expecting to see them. So this was a bonus and I was content with the glimpse and the honks. I tried again to take pictures of the red-winged blackbird, but the reeds and the bird’s motion meant a few unusable shots. So I started walking back to the car when loud honking at the water’s edge stopped me in my tracks. I looked back:

Canada geese on Whiterock Lake

Oh, hello … Canada geese. I can’t even …

I kept my distance to give them space.

Canada geese on Whiterock Lake, Dallas

Seconds later, they took to the skies.

Canada geese on Whiterock Lake, Dallas

Flap flap

Canada geese on Whiterock Lake, Dallas

In sync



Winter green

Live oaks don’t shed leaves in the winter.

live oaks in Tietze Park

Their chlorophyllic stance in frosty weather makes this an arc de tree-omphe. These beauties frame Tietze Park, one of Dallas’ many green spaces.


Make me a cosmopolitan!

Big D, the city I call home, surprises and delights when I’m least expecting it. Check out these lovingly rendered signs around town.

The puns in this one put the happy in Happy Hour for me. So do the lettering, colors and illustrations.


Centric Bar and Grill, June 2017

Anyone else see the subtle TGIF around the wine glass (top left)? Or is it just me?

A lot of care and creativity went into making these Dallas Comedy House menus:


Dallas Comedy House, May 2017

So fun! I love “Key & Peele Lime Pie” and “the Such a Ham sandwich”! I also like “IMPROVISE your own.” But my favorite has to be “Nom, nom, nom” under Food. See it? Truly great puns, like this one, are stealthy. They do not call attention to themselves. Nom, nom, nom sits there perfectly happy if you see the obvious reference to food but leaps off the board to tickle your funny bone if you uncover the hidden joke (nomination, in this case).

The list of libations:


Dallas Comedy House, May 2017

The DCH signs are high up on walls, and the angle of this shot makes this sign harder to read. My faves from this board:
Steve Martini
SarahDay Night Live
the Woo-ie CK

😀 😀 😀
For being a teetotaler, I left both venues in high spirits.

The most punderful time of the year

Signs that wordplay is alive and well in Dallas!

Near Mockingbird Station, around Halloween:

Halloween sign near retail store: fab-boo-lous

No scar(e)city of puns. Dallas is well-equipped.

Near Trader Joe’s/Walnut Hill:

Walkens welcome

Locks to laugh about.

Christmas cheer around here:

Gnome for the holidays

Where to go for my wordplay addiction? The elf-help section.

Happy you here! Err … I mean, Happy New Year. Too much punch can do that, ya know!

Office cutie

Look who traveled all the way from Glasgow, UK to Dallas, Texas, USA. Resilience Fox.


Being used to forests, he took to the plant in my cube.

But it made him sneeze: “Atishoo! Atishoo!” So I gave him the whole box.


He took a tissue and dabbed his little snout.

Then he finished his tour of my cube.


Deciding he liked the monitor stand best, he made himself comfy there. That this forest dweller would want a Dell nearby didn’t surprise me. But there is another plus to the location that appealed to him — a buddy. Can you spot his buddy? Clue in the last photo. Leave your guess in a comment, dear reader.

Resilience Fox came from the caring hands and heart of The Star and Heart Studio on Etsy.

Bai love

I drink to your health. In my glass are Bai Bubbles. You may remember their sparkling wit from August. This month, I present Peru Pineapple and Lambari Watermelon Lime.


Both fit the bill for subtly sweet and fizzy pizza prop. Great on their own, too.

Like the last two Bai bubblies, these sport a playful side.

Bai Bubbles - Peru Pineapple - Flavor so seductive, we should change its name to fineapple

Fineapple! Really? So cheesy, it’s fine. 😉

Bai Bubbles - Lambari Watermelon Lime - Your taste buds would commit a felony/To get their hands on a can this melony

lol – went from bad to verse

So far I’ve featured four flavors on this blog: Bogota Blackberry Lime and Bolivia Black Cherry in August; and Peru Pineapple and Lambari Watermelon Lime in October. Does this mean there’ll be another post in this series in December, you ask? No, this isn’t a Bai-monthly series. The other three flavors — Gimbi Pink Grapefruit, Jamaica Blood Orange, and Waikiki Coconut Lime — have fun writing too, but it’s not as creative.

Oh, before I forget, here’s the Bai-line for this post:20181021_192851.jpg