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Lettuce rejoice


I turnip at a signature Kroger and faint at the fantasticality of the produce wall. Herringboned carrots and parsnips. Carefully curated collard greens. Rowdy radishes wrangled. Bunches of spinach, white-belted soldiers in rows.

The stocking crew didn’t miss a beet. Their painterly care leaves me artichoked with emotion. Way to embrace their work endive into it with devotion.


Thanks for being here, dear reader. Here’s to a fresh start in 2017!


Just my type

I love grocery shopping. What many consider a chore I find entertaining thanks to heaps of fresh fruits and veggies, attractive product packaging, and the plethora of palate-pleasing possibilities down every aisle.

Some stores pay attention to the finer details of the shopping experience. Check out these creative signs at a grocery chain.


I’m so happy that I can’t stop crying 😉

When looking at the signs for these reds and whites, how could anyone feel blue?

The next sign has a rebus for you to solve. In case you’re wondering, a rebus uses pictures to represent words or parts of words.


What kind of squash is this? Shout out the answer in the comments. Sorry for the blurry pic.


Herb, herb!

Moving on to fruit


Crisp characters


Juicy type


Snappy caps

Here's the cutest of the bunch. Another rebus. Not just grapes. GRRAPES!

And here’s the cutest of the bunch. Another rebus. Not just grapes. GRRAPES!