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Aloe there!

Wanna have pun? You can, thanks to Trader Joe’s.


Didn’t find the pun? Look again! You will, I am sure. ūüėČ



Lettuce rejoice


I turnip at a signature Kroger and faint at the fantasticality of the produce wall. Herringboned carrots and parsnips. Carefully curated collard greens. Rowdy radishes wrangled. Bunches of spinach, white-belted soldiers in rows.

The¬†stocking crew didn’t miss a beet. Their painterly care¬†leaves me artichoked with emotion. Way to embrace their work endive into it with devotion.


Thanks for being here, dear reader. Here’s to a fresh start in 2017!

This one’s a wrap!

I was running errands when this Nothing Bundt Cakes delivery van came into view.


Click photo to enlarge.

The clever line‚ÄĒ‘hole lotta yum‚ÄĒpacks the bundt cake’s¬†distinctive feature (hole in the middle), a benefit (whole lotta yum), and wordplay (whole/hole) into three little words. Combine with¬†larger-than-life shots of decorated cakes and stir in contact info for a delectable ad on wheels any way you slice it.

Now I want to call them Nothing PUNdt Cakes.


Nothing says summer like watermelons! This beauty passed the thump test and came home.


Can you find the puns on the label?

I see a verbal pun (the brand name is What-A-Melon) and a visual pun (the ‘A’ in What-A-Melon is a point in the star on this fruit from the Lone Star State). Puns on produce—sweeeeet!

Amazing Grass, how sweet the sound

of wordplay in a brand name.


Of the many brands that have fun with words,¬†OPI¬†(Don’t Talk Bach To Me, Unfor-greta-bly Blue,¬†Danke-Shiny Red¬†and other shades in the Germany Collection)¬†and ModCloth¬†(Finance and Dandy wallet, Don’t Worry, Be Strappy wedge,¬†Rolling in the Steep teapot) come happily to mind.

And when “serious” brands show a sense of humor, we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise, than when we first saw pun.


The capped Z heralds the “zing” in¬†Amazing Grass! No accident, I’m sure.