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Lettuce rejoice


I turnip at a signature Kroger and faint at the fantasticality of the produce wall. Herringboned carrots and parsnips. Carefully curated collard greens. Rowdy radishes wrangled. Bunches of spinach, white-belted soldiers in rows.

The stocking crew didn’t miss a beet. Their painterly care leaves me artichoked with emotion. Way to embrace their work endive into it with devotion.


Thanks for being here, dear reader. Here’s to a fresh start in 2017!


This one’s a wrap!

I was running errands when this Nothing Bundt Cakes delivery van came into view.


Click photo to enlarge.

The clever line—‘hole lotta yum—packs the bundt cake’s distinctive feature (hole in the middle), a benefit (whole lotta yum), and wordplay (whole/hole) into three little words. Combine with larger-than-life shots of decorated cakes and stir in contact info for a delectable ad on wheels any way you slice it.

Now I want to call them Nothing PUNdt Cakes.


Nothing says summer like watermelons! This beauty passed the thump test and came home.


Can you find the puns on the label?

I see a verbal pun (the brand name is What-A-Melon) and a visual pun (the ‘A’ in What-A-Melon is a point in the star on this fruit from the Lone Star State). Puns on produce—sweeeeet!

Amazing Grass, how sweet the sound

of wordplay in a brand name.


Of the many brands that have fun with words, OPI (Don’t Talk Bach To Me, Unfor-greta-bly Blue, Danke-Shiny Red and other shades in the Germany Collection) and ModCloth (Finance and Dandy wallet, Don’t Worry, Be Strappy wedge, Rolling in the Steep teapot) come happily to mind.

And when “serious” brands show a sense of humor, we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise, than when we first saw pun.


The capped Z heralds the “zing” in Amazing Grass! No accident, I’m sure.